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Jun 20

RSVP Program Director Job Description

Accepting resumes until 2 July 2018
Please send resumes by email to:

JOB TITLE: RSVP Project Director

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

STATUS: Full Time ($30K to $35K based on experience)

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Under the general direction of the Executive Director of The Fellowship Cup and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) program policy guidelines, the RSVP Director has fulltime responsibility for the development and operation of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Programs; in coordination with The Fellowship Cup and Senior Corps Program Advisory Council.

PROJECT DIRECTOR’S ROLE: The RSVP Project Director is responsible for the daily management of the RSVP. The RSVP Project Director functions as a working project manager, actively involved with community organizations, RSVP volunteers, and volunteer stations. The RSVP Project Director serves as the representative of the sponsor in signing and approving official project documentation, including project reports, memoranda of understanding, letters of agreement for in-home assignments. The RSVP Project Director will abide by The Fellowship Cup’s established procedures for internal review and its standard policies and procedures.

The RSVP Project Director serves full time, as negotiated with the CNCS. The RSVP Project Director may participate in activities to coordinate RSVP program resources with those of related local agencies, boards, or organizations.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Under direction of The Fellowship Cup Executive Director, the RSVP Project Director’s duties include, but are not limited to:
a) Plan and develop all phases of RSVP operations;
b) Assist with hiring, training, and supervising adequate RSVP staff to efficiently carry out, maintain and develop operations of the RSVP Program;
c) Adhere to and administer personnel policies and procedures for RSVP staff consistent with those of The Fellowship Cup;
d) Provide support, information and materials for RSVP coordinators and appraise staff performance according to The Fellowship Cup personnel policies and procedures;
e) Recruit, select, orient and place RSVP volunteers with volunteer stations;
f) Develop and maintain appropriate fiscal, personnel, program and volunteer records and reports;
g) Enhance the total efforts of RSVP through active involvement with community organizations, other national service programs, where appropriate;
h) Implement agreed upon performance measure and other RSVP grant requirements;
i) Keep Senior Corps Advisory Council members informed and solicit their participation and advice on matters affecting program operations;
j) Work in cooperation with The Fellowship Cup staff, Advisory Council members and volunteer station staff to obtain resources for programs;
k) Plan, develop, and implement ongoing public relations opportunities, including social media, in cooperation with
The Fellowship Cup;
l) Arrange for formal and regular recognition of volunteers, organizations and individuals who have contributed to the support of RSVP;
m) Assure volunteer orientation, in conjunction with volunteer work stations and staff; n) In conjunction with RSVP staff, develop and maintain close coordination and relationships with RSVP volunteer stations, including development of volunteer assignment plans;
o) Provide ongoing support to volunteers; p) In conjunction with RSVP staff, appraise volunteer performance;
q) Assess appropriateness and/or performance of volunteer stations; r) Attend training conferences conducted or authorized by the CNCS.

JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s Degree, training and/or experience in work with those over 55 years of age and volunteers is essential. Flexibility, management skills, computer literacy, and personal transportation are requirements. Experience managing federal grants is preferred. Must have excellent written and oral communication skills necessary for preparing grants, written reports and giving oral presentations and trainings. Ability to attend after hours and weekend meetings/events is required. Regional travel is a requirement of this position.