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What is FPU? 

Session Two Testimony – Three Months Later:  “Things are going well with me. My wife and I are  still using the budget and envelop system. We were able to pay off all debt besides the car, student loan and mortgage. The car is within sight. We saved
$4200.00 dollars for a new roof which will be done in October. We also paid cash for another graduate class this summer. We are tithing on a regular basis but need to up the ante a bit in this area. We closed on our refinancing and are only going to pay $25,000 in interest over 15 years instead of $80,000 over thirty. My numbers aren’t exact but they’re close.  This pretty much
sums it up. Good luck with the next class.”

How much does the materials cost?  If you fall at or below the guidelines, the materials are free.  If not, $50.  Call the Fellowship Cup to learn more 385-3242.