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Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation:

This station provides transportation to elderly and disabled individuals so they can attend to their medical needs. This may mean doctor’s appointments, trips to the hospital to see a specialist, trips to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, etc. Frequency of rides depends on volunteer preference. The volunteer also has full say over geographical preferences. Some people choose to stay local, some people are happy to go to Burlington but not Iowa City, some people are fine with Iowa City but not with the University Hospital. Whatever you as the volunteer are comfortable with is fine.  

This can be a really fun volunteer opportunity as the volunteers and the clients often form bonds of friendship with each other. Outside of the social benefits, the access to medical care is essential for the recipients of this service. The relief for the clients is evident in their voices when I tell them I have a driver for their appointment. I have had more than a few people thank me profusely for this service and tell me how grateful they are. One woman told me she would not be alive today if it were not for the medical transportation program.