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Volunteering at HCHC

a. Gift Shop–The station helps to staff the gift shop at the local hospital. Hours vary based on your availability. People who go to the gift shop are often visiting someone at the hospital. They may be looking for the right gift for a loved one, or they may be filling some time while that loved one receives treatment. Either way, you have the opportunity to brighten their day.

b. Information Desk–This volunteer works at the information desk inside the front entrance to the hospital. Hours vary based on your availability. As the volunteer, you can be a source of help for people who are there to visit a loved one, or who are seeking treatment themselves. You may be called upon to escort someone to the appropriate department. 

c. Patient/Family Ambassador–This is a high impact opportunity serving patients and their families in various departments of Henry County Health Center. Volunteers in this area assist the medical staff in providing a quality experience. Volunteers do this through taking care of the non-medical needs of the patients and their families, such as ensuring their questions get answered, making them feel comfortable, and lending an ear to listen and a shoulder for support. Volunteers may also be called upon to take blood samples to the HCHC lab.

d. SHIIP–Volunteers with the SHIIP program assist individuals in navigating the Medicare system, guiding them towards the option that is best for their needs. This opportunity requires the most training, but also comes with the ability to save people thousands of dollars in medical expenses every year.